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RE: keeping fry

In this thread, someone may have mentioned this and I may have missed it,
but I will say something about it anyway.  I have gone to sweater boxes
for fry!!  For years I have heard the "wise old farts" speak of sweater
boxes and I have just blown them off (as youth know better than the
experienced of course...  ;o)   )  I have gone to this method for a number
of reasons.  One, surfac area!!  The increased surface area of the
container insures better oxygenation of the water, for the most part
because that is where gas exchange occurs, not in the aeration of the
tank.  Secondly, the linear space provided for the little buggers to "run"
is fantastic.  More plants can be fit into this 7 gallons than can be fit
into a ten gallon tank.  This space is much more natural for the fish as
well, as most of them live in shallow streams, usually along the edge in
thick vegitation.  These boxes would mimic that.  Chris, this is the best
part, they are CHEAP!!!!  Water changes?  Start with about 1 inch of water
depth and then double that amount every third day.  That is a 50% water
change, every third day.    Just an idea that has caught on well with me. 
(one day I will learn to apply what I read without so much inner


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