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Question about something I found in a book...

I went to Barnes and Noble today to look for some good fish books, and found what seemed to be an excellent book, Aquarium Fishes of the World. The thing weighs a ton, over a thousand pages, and has plenty of information on 870 species of fish. I was looking through it, searching for Killies, and found that it does not list Fundulopanchax! I was looking for information on Fp. Gardneri, of course, and could not find any, but, it does however, have information on Aphyosemion Gardneri. Is this the same fish? They look the same to me, just a "population" color I have not yet seen. It also has Aphyosemion Amiete, Aphyosemion Cinnamomeum, Aphyosemion Puerzli, and Aphyosemion Sjoestedi, all of which are listed on the American Killifish Association's website as Fundulopanchax, not Aphyosemion. What's going on? ALSO, does anyone know when this book was published? I've searched all over it, I think, and can NOT find the year in which it was published.


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