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Re: Mixing Fry(babies)


I can see where you are coming from and I have contemplated the same in the
past myself. I have mixed Fp. nigerianus and now they are "aquarium" strain.
Hell, they're nice and that is what mattered to me.

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From: "Chris Browning" <fisher25000 at yahoo_com>
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>  Can I ask one final question, that will end all of this? If an N'sukka
male and an Akure female breed,
> won't the babies look like a mix of their parents?! None of the babies
will look like N'sukka, and none
> will look just like Akure, correct?!

Unfortunately not. The is already variability in the genes of N'sukka and
Akure so they all don't look the same
and size and dominence or status of an individual fish causes their colours
to look slightly different.

Also, any cross-breeds will likely vary in appearance across the whole range
from N'sukka-like to Akure-like.
Not all genes are equal, it is not like mixing paint.

Either keep N'sukka OR Akure and be happy with that. If not, mix them and be
happy! ... but please call
them aquarium strain. They will be no less beautiful for calling them
"aquarium" strain. You may even
stumble on a variation, lets call it "Browning aquarium strain", that you
could fix: look at guppys, bettas, etc.

> Except the females, right? So as long as all of the fry look like Akure,
I'm fine for now, and I can remove all of those
> without fear, great fear, of having to sell my fry as aquarium variety, or
whatever, right?! Doesn't that make sense?!

What is the fear of selling aquarium strain?

Happy fishkeeping

David Baker, Maidenhead UK
NMG011 / SAA037 / BKA262-05

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