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Re: AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

On 7/30/02 11:55 PM, "Chris Browning" <fisher25000 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Why do it?! BECAUSE SOME of us are only 16(until tommorrow), and can not
> afford, don't know how, nor have the know-how, to set up multiple tanks for
> each type of fish!!! If they are BOTH Gardneri, they will NOT produce sterile
> fry! That is common knowledge. Plus, I doubt that any of my fish will make it
> to the market, and all will probably end up in a pond! So don't be so b*tchy
> about it, ok? I am only 16,

Happy Birthday Chris

So based on what you wrote, we should have low expectations from someone who
is "only 16" because 16 year olds aren't capable of making reasonable or
responsible decisions? I bet your mom would love to hear you admitted that
to her. Here is some birthday advice for you

€Don't take such offense to thing people type in an email. For example,
ignore all of this if you want.
€Don¹t use your age as a crutch
€Don't keep pets you can't reasonably take care of
€Be willing to accept and learn from advice and criticisms
€Be willing to compromise. I bet some one would happily send you a different
killie that you could mix with a location of gardneri
€Relax, keeping fish is supposed to be calming

> and if you keep treating all people my age that have a love for fish,
> particularly killies, that way, there will be NO MORE killies because people
> of my generation, and generations after mine, will not know how to keep them,
> and will not want to.

Last thing, is the purpose of keeping killies to be on this list, or enjoy
the fish. If it is to enjoy the fish, I wouldn't let anything someone writes
in an email discourage you from keeping a fish


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