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Re: Questions from a new guy

Welcome to the hobby Rick,
    When your membership to the AKA is processed, you will recieve a book
called the "Begginers Guide."  It has all of the general info. needed to
start up.
    The best thing to do would be to read anything you can get your hands
on.  Go over the archives of this list and get ahold of some printed
material that you can use as a reference.  A great place to get books is at
the Aquatic Bookshop.  It is owned by Jim Forshey and he is very
knowledgeable and able to help with both fish and books about them.
His website is www.seahorses.com There you will find a wealth of books
avaliable about all kinds of fish, including killies.  Jim has kept and
breed many killies over the years.  He is the one who invited me into his
fishroom and gave me my first pair of killies 10 years ago.  Great guy, lots
of books.
    Of course those of us on this list will be willing to help you, but it
will be much easier for you to understand our sometimes vauge answers if you
have read alot of published material first.  Also, your questions have
probably been asked and answered and can be found in the archives.
    That said, I am sure I am not alone when I say that we will be more than
happy to help you.
    Dan Hodnett

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Subject: Questions from a new guy

> Hello Everyone,
> I am new to the list here and wanted to say hi. Do you guys have a regular
> introduction kinda thing, or are you guys not into that? Just didnt want
> do anything that isint par for the course here.
> Meanwhile for anyone that can or will help here is my situation...
> I have been into Aquatics for a few years, helping other people set up
> things and stuff. About 3 months ago I set up my first tank. And now my
> friend and I who is a near expert are breeding Bettas and somewhat making
> money selling them...to buy more fish stuff of course :)
> I saw pictures of Killifish somehwere along the line and I was hooked. I
> the AKA group and knew I had to join and start finding out more info. I am
> working on sending in the membership but I have some questions.
> I want to know what I need to keep the killies. What equiptment I need,
> fish are availible and where I can get them. Just general stuff for now
> as I get info more questions will come up. Also as I am getting started it
> would be nice to know if there was somewhere I could go to get help.
> Anyway thats about it for now. For anyone that responds I thank you for
> time. Hope to dive into the list and the killies head first here :)
> Rick Davis
> Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
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