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Re: Aplocheilus Panchax

Hi all,

Since it is my only native Killifish species I guess I wil have to say something about it.  A. panchax is one of the most widely distribution fish here in Thailand.  I've seen them everywhere, from purely fresh water in the rice field to the island population of them that almost live in sea water.  They swim near the surface serching mostly for insect that fall in the water.  They are out going and territorial dispute between male is pretty common in the area with dense population.  They are called Pla Hua-ta-kua meaning lead head fish, by the local.  They are use for fish fighting in the same fasion as Betta splendens in many area as well.  The fighting strain I have seen are bigger and stronger build compare to the wild strain. Anyway, in nature some population are larger than another.  Different color morp -those with blue tail and those with yellow tail- can be found together in many locality.  One of the most beautiful locality so far is the one I get from Ranong Province.  It is almost as nice as the Epiplathys lamottei.  You can see pictures of this fish at http://www.fishbreeding.dk/enkeltsider/a_panchax.html I'm distributing them as A. panchax "Ranong" TH 01-01.  (Lee my fish is not producing eggs at the moment.  I will ship them to you as soon as I get any.)  The other nice population is the one in Mahachai that I found on my trip to find the Betta sp. Mahachai. They have orange finage with black edging fin.  I'm not breeding any of them yet as my tanks is pretty much full right now.   

Be well,
Nonn Panitvong
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