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The Sacramento Aquarium Society is hosting "the
biggest tropical fish convention west of the Rockies"
September 6, 7 & 8. 

In conjunction CAKE (California Association of
Killifish Enthusiasts) the Killifish Study Group will
host a Killifish conference and show. This year it
will not be an AKA sanctioned event since we are a
fledgling group and not yet an affiliate.  

Speakers will be Dr. Barry Cooper and Dr. Roger
Brousseau, more to be announced as they confirm.

The auction split 75/25 in the sellers favor.
Killie entries should be mailed to:

Sue Bunte
4139 Withers Road
Napa, CA, 94559 

and should be here no later than Wednesday Sept 4th.  
No Entry Fee for fish in the show and no Registration
fee to hear just the Killie speakers.  There is a $30
advance registration fee or $35 at the door for the
entire Conference.  Dr Paul Loiselle will be speaking
on Tilapia Friday night "The Dead Fish Society" will
be serving Tilapia Tacos in the hospitality room
immediately after the talk.  Yes, we are going to cook
the fish he is doing his talk on.  Is that worth
coming for or what?!!?

There will also be a livebearer conference and show
for information on livebearers please contact Eric
Rasmussen at 503-740-4972. 

Registration forms and additional information on the
conference are available on line at:


Look forward to seeing you and your fish.

Sue Bunte

Sue Bunte
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