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ph again

I`m grateful to those who sent suggestions as to what happens when we have a ph crash with one of our tanks. i think we all have certain setups in our fish room that contribute to some of the more unusual problems that we experience. Like my setup, 95% of my tanks are 31/2 gal so that if they get a little crowded it doesn`t take long for bad things to develope. I don`t use UG filters. I have box filters with gravel and bare bottom  tanks so that it is easy for me to get the dirt off of the bottom, at one time I used peat in these filters but stopped that as it contributed to the ph crash, I think. My numbers are 6.5 ph, 80 ppm hardness, TDS around 100 or less and alkalinity 20. I use 3 parts RO water and 1 part cond. tap The tap water comes in at 7.5 ph and 150 ppm hardness. I am not a great fan of using tap water as I see almost every day the condition of the rivers that my city water comes from, yes it meets all EPA standards BUT when we get heavy rains they are sometimes !
full of
  overflo sewage. I drink RO water naturally. I change 30% of the water every third day to try to keep things under control. I am working to control the ph by adding a small portion of baking soda to the change water and when I see that the ph is staying up then I will work at slowly bringing up the alkalinity to stabilize the whole mess. I found a Kent product called ph Stable that contains carbonic acid that I hope will do the trick. Does any of this sound like it might work?   Thanks,      Duane

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