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Chris, books, and stuff

	Let me make a few suggestions on books.  First off the AKA ships out a
beginners guide with your new membership package.  It is a very good
reference for general info.  Basically, it could answer most of what you
have asked on the list to date.  Second is a book by Roger Langton called
simply "Breeding Killifish".  I read both every year and learn something
different from each, each time I read it.  I also purchased another
fantastic book called "Colour Atlas of Cyprinodonts of the Rain Forests of
Tropical Africa."  It is very similar to the Wildekamp series of "A World of
Killies" books, but with color pictures instead of line drawings.  It has
very good information in it.  You might gawk at the 60 to 100 dollar price
(usually 75 bucks) but it is worth it, even though it is only 160 pages and
is about 6 inches x 8 inches in size...lol.

I recommend all the Wilekamp "A World of Killies" series.  They are good
info.  If you want picture books to ID your fish, go with Aqualog.  I have
all three killi references that they put out, and though the names are
always changing it will help you along much faster than this list will.  All
three together will cost you about 160 dollars at most, and are priceless
for their wish list potential....lol.

All in all may I recommend that you read more in literature, than on this
list.  You will find it fills most of the holes and then you can get any
minor missed info on the list.  So Read READ READ!!!!  Also this list has an
archive.  In it you will find a cycle of subjects that revives and dies more
than a horror flick villain, and also just about anything you have a
question on.

I am not saying don't ask the list anything, but I will say it is better to
read something that has been edited for accuracy than to take the word of
someone you don't know and have never met as gospel.  I will also tell you
there are people on this list that have truly been there, done that, got the
t-shirt to prove it.  So this is a neat place to be, and learn.

Done with my blabbering.  You all take care, and Chris.....Good luck buddy
and welcome to the hobby ...that will consume you, if you let it. (just give
in, you know you want to.)


Allen "Boat" Boatman
Lutz, FL

It doesn't matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have
tried it before; it's important to realize that whatever you're doing, it's
your first attempt at it.
~ Wally Amos ~

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