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mixing fry babies

I recall the first African Rift Lake Cichlids. We got used to males
going from yellow-orange to blue. Then along came the P. Kenyi
that went from blue to yellow in the males. By the time we got
many legitimate forms of the same fish, like monket bay or Likoma
Island and learned their difference, we faced with the mixed up
mess we already had. True; very few fish raised end up as breeders  
at the onset. but eventually some get into the mainstream and do
make identification most difficult. With the Aul, Peacocks, many of
the females are not possible to be identified. An important part of
the hobby is preserving fish in as close to the wild state as possible
in case that exact fish ever needs to be re-introduced back to nature.
Sincere hobbyists like those in the AKA give lots of help and advice.
Reciprocate a little and help them by never releasing mixed fish.

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