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AW: Mixing Fry(babies)

Hello guys,

don't you think that some of you are making a bit a drama out of this kind
of situation. If these 2 fish are genuinly of the same species and Chris
wants to keep them together, so what? As long as he doesn't sell their kids
as a specific population from a specific locality, there is nothing wrong to
it. The baby fry will not be hybrids if the parents are from the same
species but diferent localities.

There is thus no reason for overemphasizing the importance of pure
localities. It is good to keep pure localities. It gives more variety to the
hobby. But there is nothing bad mixing localities either.

So Chris, take away all opinions from what has been told so far and pick up
the facts. Probably all the facts were correct. Based opn these facts, just
decide what you want to do. Do you want to keep different fish of different
populations, or do you want to have nice fish and dont bother too much where
they come from.

By the way, it is very seldom that fish of the same species but different
localities will produce infertile fry. I personally even doubt that the
known cases are truly of parents of the same species. I recall a posting on
this list where someone very knowledgeabel about killies wrote that there
were 2 fish of 2 different species which are often said to be simply
different populations (look exactly the same). He further wrote that the
only way to tell them apart was to have them in your hand. One of them was
soft, the other hard.

I'd be surprised if there were not cases of fish thought to be of the same
species but different populations which are actually different species.
These would wind up in the pot: "different populations of the same species
which produce infertile children".

Imagine a scientist of an alien population visiting earth and seing donkeys,
horses and mules. Couldn't it be that he had a hard time making the
difference between those species. Or tigers and lions. Couldn't it be that
according to his perceptions these would be different populations of the
same species producing infertile kids?

The same type of mistakes does happen to our scientists. Just as in the case
of these 2 fish looking exactly the same but feeling differently in the


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>     By now you've probably arleady read this a dozen times - but
> no, No, and
> NO.
>     The two types of Gardneri fry will probably get along just fine
> together, and you'll be able to tell the males apart pretty well when they
> begin to sex out, but the females are another story.
>     Keep those fry apart, and if you can, WELL APART. If somebody
> jumps from
> one tank to anotehr you have a mixup that probably can't be corrected.
> donna
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> > My Fp. Gardneri Akure and Fp. Gardneri N'Sukka eggs will be
> hatching soon
> I believe(some have eyes, a few don't) and I'm pretty sure tha answer is
> obvious, but, is it ok to raise all the fry in the same container? There
> will only be about 25 fry, so I don't want to bother with 2
> tanks, and I see
> no reason why they can't be raised together, but I just want to make sure
> incase there is something I don't know!
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> > Thanks :)
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> > Chris Browning
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