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Re: Name that fish! Then, give me some info on it!

Amanda, this is the second question on A. panchax today....both
acquisitions were from Petsmart. So, I guess I'd better be nice to them. At
least they're putting killies in peoples tanks.....and arousing some

I don't think it's so much that there isn't much info on them out there.
This is just such and "old" species, that interest is low. Also they are
not the most gaudy (colorful) of killies so they get neglected. I'd guess
these Petsmart fish are wild collected and who knows from where. The
species has a wide distribution in SE Asia and forms from distant locations
tend to have different colorations too. I found a pair in a local shop a
few months ago, that is quite different in color from the fish being
carried in 'that large corporate pet place that is putting all the little
mom and pop places out of business" (oops, am I showing my opinionation).

A. panchax was first described in 1822 (like I said.....old for a killie)
The type locality was in northern India. But  they range widely, being
found in Thailand, Sumatra, Java, and throughout the Malay archipelago..
Now this wide distribution should tell you they are pretty tolerant of
water conditions, temperatures and chemistries. ...also that they are
pretty "tough" customers and capable of competing for their niche within an

For care, my reference at hand (the DKG special issue on Epiplatys) says
they're happy at 25C. That's pretty warm for a killie. Mine are at 70
degrees in my basement and happy enough  to deposit eggs regularly. I don't
think they're very choosey about water chemistry. I'd say raise em in
whatever comes from your tap. They should give you eggs like any classic
mopspawner. Expect them to hatch out in 2 weeks and go for baby brine the
first day.

And you should be able to find more detail on them in just about any book
that covers killies...from the classic Innes book up through Scheels' text.

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I got some blue panchax- Aplocheilus panchax- from a petsmart in georgia
about a month ago.  Care for them like you would any other non-annual
killie.  They're mop spawners, i've had some eggs from them but not as many

as I'd expect.  I've actually got some fry right now that hatched out about

a week ago.  I have some with yellow tips on their caudal fins and some
blue.  I found one website that said there were several different color
varieties, but all in all I haven't found much info on them.  Anybody else
have them and have any advice on spawning them?  If petsmart had them I
can't imagine that they'd be too rare, but information on them is scarce.
The few photos on the web just don't do them justice, hopefully I can get
around to scanning in one or two sometime soon.

mantaba at hotmail_com

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