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Re: Name that fish! Then, give me some info on it!

I got some blue panchax- Aplocheilus panchax- from a petsmart in georgia 
about a month ago.  Care for them like you would any other non-annual 
killie.  They're mop spawners, i've had some eggs from them but not as many 
as I'd expect.  I've actually got some fry right now that hatched out about 
a week ago.  I have some with yellow tips on their caudal fins and some with 
blue.  I found one website that said there were several different color 
varieties, but all in all I haven't found much info on them.  Anybody else 
have them and have any advice on spawning them?  If petsmart had them I 
can't imagine that they'd be too rare, but information on them is scarce.  
The few photos on the web just don't do them justice, hopefully I can get 
around to scanning in one or two sometime soon.

mantaba at hotmail_com

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