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Re: Raising Fry etc

In a message dated 7/29/02 10:37:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
fisher25000 at yahoo_com writes:

> but I live in San Diego, CA, and I don't think there are many Killifish 
> associations near-by that do that. I have never met anyone in my entire 
> life that has ever even heard of Killifish

Actually there is the San Diego Killifish Club, contact John Pitcairn @ 
pitcairn at rohan_sdsu.edu or Kit Stowell @ CSTOWELL at prodigy_net and there is 
the Southern California Killi Club which meets in Seal Beach, not too far 
from San Diego, contact Sandy Binder @ Sandy1238 at aol_com.  The SCKC is 
planning a fish fry at one of their members house in Pacific Palisades in 
September.  Usually several of the San Diego members come as do several of 
the Bay Area Killifish Assoc. (BAKA) members.  See, there are more Killi 
enthusiasts around San Diego than you realize.  Russ Feilzer

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