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Re: north florida killies (was: Information on estuarinekillies)

Carol in Jax asked about freshwater killies in north Florida

Using the Florida Fish & Game Commission's fish check list ( http://floridaconservation.org/fishing/Fishes/sci-name.html) as a memory prompter, I came up with the following purely freshwater species for NE Florida:

  - chrysotus - golden (ear) topminnow
  - cingulatus (nee auroguttatus nee cingulatus) - banded topminnow
  - lineolatus - lined topminnow
  - rubrifons - redface topminnow
  - seminolis - Seminole killifish
- Jordanella floridae - flagfish
- Leptolucania ommata - pygmy killifish
- Lucania goodei - bluefin killifish

Three other listed Fundulus species ... dispar blairae, escambiae and olivaceus ... I'm pretty sure are also found in north florida, but over in the panhandle area.  I don't think there are any additional f/w killies found further south. 

I'm sure somebody will chime in if I missed any. 


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL

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