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more pH

Change water. If you have gravel, vacuum it good. Do not stir.
If you have an undergravel filter, clean the slots and get out
what is underneath the plate. Hold the vac on top of the filter,
and don't move it until the debris stop coming up. Then pinch  
the hose to slow the water allowing the cleaned gravel to fall out.
Then move a couple inches only, and repeat. Clear water with
particles is acceptable, cloudy water is grossly not. If your vac
does not bring the substrate (gravel) at least 8 inches up the tube
with vigiur action, get a bigger outlet hose. Do not remove more than
a third per day. Allow moderation for change. The bigger the change,
the more time you allow. The dirtier the tank, the less you clean at
one time. But clean more often.

Different things can build up. Learn the difference between pH and
alkalinity. I often equate a tank perking away over time, to a person
on a tetter totter. A person is on one end with their rump on the ground,  
an empty garbage can on the other, way up on the air. I walk up and  
start tosing in 'BBs', soon that person looses interest. But sooner or
later that pendelum swings and they end up in the air. Apparently all
of the sudden. That person would then ask me,"what kind of BB was
that last one?" What had appeared solid as a rock was not. Hard water
tanks are more stable if carbonic than soft. My RO water can and does
change fast. The well water is dependable. I flush my toilet, and eventho
I love UG filters, I do clean them. Do one area completly. Another area
the next time. I don't think tanks often sour all at once. I think things
had been adding up for some, just the tetter totter caught is offguard.

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