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Re: Raising Fry

Hi Chris, didn't see this until after I sent the last.  Live BBS is probably the best.  GAR fry are good sized and able to handle BBS on day 1. Killies hunt food and it pretty much has to move for them to consider it food.  Later on, you can introduce finely crushed flake with the BBS to train them to take flake. With GAR, this is fairly easy.  good luck.  Ron
Ron Anderson
Warwick, RI 
alt email: ron02886 at cox_net

On Mon, 29 Jul 2002 17:44:24  
 Chris Browning wrote:
>I am hatching Fp. Gardneri eggs soon, many of you know this, and I have a couple of questions. When the fry are born, what is the best thing to feed them? I WAS supposed to get a Microworm starter culture through the mail about a week ago, but the *sshole who I sent the money to is ignoring me. Can they eat baby brine shrimp right after they hatch? I have lots of bbs sitting in a container in my fish room. I also have "Golden Pearls", they are an artemia substitute. I have very finely crushed flake, it is almost a powder. I also have Liquifry. What is best to feed to the fry?
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