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RE: A hera

I am only able to relay my experience with this fish.

About November of 2000 Donna Recktenwalt sent me a pair of Aphyosemion hera
TDK 97/30.  Very pretty little fish so I threw them in a 2.5 with a Herni
DeBruyn Filter and tons of top and bottom mops.  After they acclimated they
were throwing scads of eggs in the bottom mops.  They turned out to like old
water.  The temps in my fish room were between 74 and 76.  Checking once a
week, on just Frozen Blood worms and flake, they produced on average about
30 eggs a week with many, I am sure, going as tasty treats back to the
females.  Between 4-26-01 and 5-30-01 I harvested 209 eggs.  That was a
heavy month.  They hid all the time, and I hardly ever saw them.

Here is a blurb from a brief and unsuccessful attempt at keeping a killie

February 10th, 2001

I have been keeping A. hera TDK 97/30 . It is a fish that has only entered
the hobby recently.  It is one of my favorites and was producing around 30
or more eggs every week.  I was feeding them grindal worms, and giving them
pure RO or rainwater.  Then for some reason I decided to change their water
to 50/50 tap and RO/rain and started feeding them frozen blood worms.  Their
productivity dropped to about 5 or 10 eggs a week.  I am now going to move
them back to grindals and see if that fixes them.  If not, it may be the

February 14th, 2001

I have moved the trio of A. hera to a ten gallon tank to recondition them.


Now jump forward to my clip board records and I find that on April 22nd,
2001, at a pH of 7.2, which with Tampa water I had to work to get down to,
and a TDS of 285, which at that time was my TDS with a 50% tap and 50% RO
mix, in a 2.5 gallon critter keeper with the H.D. W/D filter, they were back
up to producing 32 eggs a week again.

When I moved to Pasco county (just north of Tampa) in June of 2001, my
temperatures for the fishroom were about 80 deg. F and I lost the hera about
4 months later.

They seem best at about 74 to 76, with tannic water.

Let me tell you, I think the most trying things about these fish were the
fry.  They seemed to take forever to grow.  I got plenty of eggs, but the
fry after hatching took almost 8 or 9 months to mature!!  IT was insane and
very discouraging.  I also went to 50/50 rather than pure RO at the time
because of the fact that I was going to publix supermarket and getting my RO
1 gallon at a time for 30 cents a pop.  IT got to be too much.  And I
couldn't install an RO system because we were in an apartment that I was
determined to leave behind me.

Anyoo, that is my experience with A. hera.  A beautiful fish, with some

By the way, I have some interesting pictures showing this fish in two
separate mood colorations if anyone is interested in seeing them.  It is
rather odd and very interesting to me.  Kind of reminded me of the cichlids
I used to breed.

I have rambled long enough.  You all have a nice evening.


Allen "Boat" Boatman
Lutz, FL

It doesn't matter how many say it cannot be done or how many people have
tried it before; it's important to realize that whatever you're doing, it's
your first attempt at it.
~ Wally Amos ~

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