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More ph

  I`ve been reading all this lately about how a large swing in ph, either up or down will not affect the health of Killies and this is good news. But since I do not pop my Killies into waters with large swings in ph I am more interested in what happens in a tank with a ph crash. Before I was too busy to do the water changes I would get this type of wipeout where the fish just laid around won`t eat and the water sprite would start to die. The ph would read below 4.0 and it would be on the way to a wipeout. I did not have a TDS meter at the time so I was unable to check dissolved solids that could have caused the crash or maybe some of the other factors. Does anyone out there have an explanation of what happened if it wasn`t ph? I know this is very little to work but any help would be greatly appeciated, many thanks.         Duane

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