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AW: New to the hobby

Hello Michike, and welcome to the hobby,

> It is so hard to get nice killifishes. I usually get them through
> Aquarium Society Auction. Killies are not always there.  I have gotten
> some at local fish stores (not really local)  before, but to go to the
> lfs, I have to beg to my bf to drive me for 2 hours. I wish there were
> available at a lot of stores. It is just nice to watch them swim and
> also great to be able to buy it whenever.

If you live far away from a good lfs, killies are really practical. I have
been shipping eggs from various kinds over the small river called Atlantic
ocean. I mainly breed annual fish and they are gorgious.

> I am really new to the killifishes, so I am not quiet sure. But can
> people put a lot of killifishes (one specific kind) in big tank such as
> 55? I usually see them in small tanks. I am also wondering if there is
> any fishes that can be in the same tank.

I have a 40 Gal Tank where I use to have 4 Fundulopanchax Sjoestedti
(killies) together with Pelvicachromis pulcher (cichlid). In about 2 weeks,
my 15 Simpsonichtys Constanciae are going into my 120 Gal Tank together with
a blend of other fish. About 3-4 weeks later, the next series of 35 S.
Constanciae are following in that same tank.

During some time, I had my Constanciae together with Nematolebias whitei in
a 15 Gals tank. Many Simpsonichtys are peacefull and can be put into a big
tank with many of them. The same goes with many other killies. I am by the
way not a friend of small tanks. What I call a small tank is 15 Gals. I use
smaller tanks only to raise fry so I wont have to overfeed them during their
first days. Artemia in a 15 Gals tank spread too much around and the fish
will have to search too much for it. Result you feed more, not all gets
eaten and it fouls the water. But as soon as they swim everywhere about in
the tank, I put them in a tank of at least 15 Gals.


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