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Re: A. Hera

Hi Scott;
       I have had better luck with them a little cooler (not above 70 deg 
F).  Also I get the best egg production at a tds of around 50. If I get 
above 100 TDS the egg production drops to about 8-10 a week and 10-15 a day 
at the lower value..  pH seems to be a never mind...  Which location do you 
have ?


At 03:28 PM 7/29/02 -0400, you wrote:
>Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 12:01:02 -0500
>From: "Scott Davis" <unclescott at prodigy_net>
>Subject: Re: A hera
>Thank you Gary for the temperature info.
> > I find hera an interesting fish - on the "most likely to disappear from
> > the AKA if not targeted" list.
>I think you are correct that there is a danger of them disappearing from a
>lot of the hobby. They were quite sought after around here up until this
>last winter. Several very capable killie people really worked with them and
>they were well spread around.
>At the Michiana show, quite a few pairs and trios were available in the box
>sale. By the auction they were selling for about half the box sale price.
>That doesn't usually happen so dramatically. I think every time another bag
>of hera came up, auctioneer Dave Hemmerline was tempted to start with, "ok,
>who still doesn't have hera?"
>It will be interesting to see what they are selling for in two years.
>All the best!

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