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Re: New to the hobby

Welcome Michiko,

> It is so hard to get nice killifishes. I usually get them through 
> Aquarium Society Auction. Killies are not always there.  I have gotten 
> some at local fish stores (not really local)  before, but to go to the 
> lfs, I have to beg to my bf to drive me for 2 hours. I wish there were 
> available at a lot of stores. It is just nice to watch them swim and 
> also great to be able to buy it whenever.

Most killies trade at local affiliates of the AKA or through the AKA and 
the Business News Letter (BNL). That letter has a list each month of 
fish and eggs for sale (F&E List). Somewhat later, the list goes to the 
web site.

Joining the AKA not only gives you a first chance at those F&E, it is a 
chance to support the communications, trades, shows, etc. that make this 
a really great hobby. Local clubs do frequent box exchanges, to reduce 
the shipping costs compared to just one or two pairs. If you are close 
to one (find "affiliates" at www.aka.org), that is the best place to start.

> I am really new to the killifishes, so I am not quiet sure. But can 
> people put a lot of killifishes (one specific kind) in big tank such as 
> 55? I usually see them in small tanks. I am also wondering if there is 
> any fishes that can be in the same tank.

Lots of the Lampeyes love to school in a big tank with some current. 
Many others do quite well in a community tank, if given decent structure 
and cover for the shy ones. Some do well if only one male is present, 
but fight like Bettas if there are two or more competing for females or 
territory. It just depends on species and if they were raised together, 

There are lots of kinds of killifish, and many variations to suit any taste.

Good luck,


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