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Re: blackworms Big earth worms

Hi Scott,
Sorry for the late reply only have 2 species of killies at the moment and
only read my mail when my daughter threatens to delete some because I have
so much.

> There is an Australian earthworm which gets several feet long. How'd you
> like to find one of those in a bag from the LFS?

Don't know the name of it, but have seen them sold as bait. They were about
18 inches and about the thickness of a piece of chalk $5 each(Murry Cod
bait). I can get super worms from some of the herp specailists these are
about 8 inches long a thick as a biro and been breed by one of the local
zoo's because they have double the nutritional of value of gut loaded earth
worms. My fish did not like them and they are expensive.
> Imagine what you could catch with one that size. :)
> Maybe Gary H-H can help us out.

When I was living in river town called Waikerie. Used to collect a big fat
worm from the floodplains close to billabongs would have to dig down a foot
close to the waters edge these were about 8-12 inches long and as fat as a
crayon. I would use these on a set line(highly illegal but best way to catch
cod)if I did not have enough yabbies(best bait). The biggest cod I caught
was about 20inches any bigger than that and they straighten the swivels on
the line and get away. I feel guilty about this now, used to catch 20-30 a
week and sell to a couple resteraunts now thier rarer than than rocking
horse poop, probably 20-30 left in the whole stretch of river I used to

Gary H-H

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