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Re: Killifinder is online

I just tried it for a couple of Fundulus species that I keep in my tanks.  I didn't know about this resource.  I think it will be helpful to anyone seriously interested in a variety of species.  Thanks for giving us the URL Miguel.
Carole in Jax  
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Subject: Killifinder is online

I'd like to inform you that Killifinder is online.

What is Killifinder?  

It's a way of retrieving data about a certain species of killifish, based
on its taxonomy.

Killifinder keeps track of killifish internet resources and, for each
species, it shows the user where he can find the related topics.

You can also link directly to Killifinder. For instance, if you are writing
about Nothobranchius rachovii then you can add a link to your web page,
allowing the user to get everything about Nothobranchius rachovii.



Notice the species name at the end of the CGI.

Try it and see what kind of information is available.

The Killifinder's URL is:


I'd much appreciate your feedback.


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