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safe silicon

Hi Jon:

I prefer GE rtv 108. 104 will do. They are hard to find.
GE silicone I is almost the same as 104. You don't want  
any that is paintable of mildew resistant. Home Depot  
sells it here in Albany. So does Fred Meyer, ie $3.99.  
Its number on the upc symbol is 77027 00012. Regardless
of what it says, use within 3 months. Whites' Electronics
of Sweet Home is one of the worlds foremost makers of
'metal detectors'. They had hundred of pounds go bad by
simply sitting and getting warm. It works up to the date,  
but losses strength.

I am particular about silicone. If any person brings in a
tank I have sold with its label (all since 1967) I repair that
leaker at no charge, no matter how many owners.

Roger Fishyman1957Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

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