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Re: A hera

Thank you Jesper!

Ironically I visited your page a couple of days ago when we were looking for
American-Metric conversion sites.

Also, I have been a drum beater for Google searches. Had I typed in
Aphyosemion Hera, I would have seen, front and center, the article by Peter
Uhlmann .

Tisk! They say the memory is the 27th thing to go. I can't remember the

I appreciated that the article pointed out that they are coastal killies. I
think it was in Dr. Huber's book on the evolution and spread of killies
where he talked about the geological ebb and flow of the width of the
coastal plains and how that has encouraged the development of killies  more
flexible in their ability to thrive in a variety of conditions - compared to
inland and highland forms of Aphyosemion.

Also enjoyed an editorial comment or two in that discussion.:)

All the best!


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> You are not far off. I have this article written by Peter Uhlmann on my
homepage. That will give you lot of information on the hera.
> http://www.fishbreeding.dk/in-english.html
> Jesper Thorup

> > > I'm going to guess that A. hera would do best in the lower 70s F or
20-23 degrees C. How far off am I?

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