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Re: A hera

Thank you Gary for the temperature info.

> I find hera an interesting fish - on the "most likely to disappear from
> the AKA if not targeted" list.

I think you are correct that there is a danger of them disappearing from a
lot of the hobby. They were quite sought after around here up until this
last winter. Several very capable killie people really worked with them and
they were well spread around.

At the Michiana show, quite a few pairs and trios were available in the box
sale. By the auction they were selling for about half the box sale price.
That doesn't usually happen so dramatically. I think every time another bag
of hera came up, auctioneer Dave Hemmerline was tempted to start with, "ok,
who still doesn't have hera?"

It will be interesting to see what they are selling for in two years.

All the best!


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