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KCC Diapteron / Call for participation

Dear Killi friends, 

As you may have seen in Charles Nunziata’s 
recent post, the Killifish Conservation Committee 
(KCC) has initiated a genus maintenance program 
for Diapteron, in order to preserve these precious 
little gems for future generations. 

The KCC program has already demonstrated, on several 
other species, that it can give something back to 
the hobby. That it can conserve something for the 
future and that it is a means of expressing in a 
practical way our responsibility to the animals that
come into our care. The KCC program provides a place
where like-minded hobbyists can gather and strive
together to realize and ultimately fulfill these 
higher goals. So please participate, and let us 
together accomplish similar results for the genus
Diapteron. The only failure is not to try.... 

At this initial point, I would like to encourage 
all Diapteron enthusiasts to participate in this 
maintenance effort in one way or another. I would 
like to establish a group of interested people. 
The goal for this group should be to not only 
recruit and appoint breeders that are willing to 
make a commitment to maintain a certain species, 
but also to discuss issues related to preserving 
the genus Diapteron. 

If you are interested please contact me via e-mail:

   killiwolf80908 at yahoo_com 

or via snail mail or phone: 

   Wolfgang Schickler 
   18190 Woodhaven Drive 
   Colorado Springs 
   Colorado 80908 
   phone (719) 487-1928 

Another goal of this call for participation is 
to evaluate the status of Diapteron in the hobby. 
Therefore, if you have any Diapteron please contact
me, even if you are not interested in this 
maintenance program. I promise to not further 
distribute the fact that you have Diapteron if 
you request so. 

One last request: Please pass along this information 
to anybody you think might be interested. If you are
affiliated with a local club, print out this message 
and bring it to your next meeting if you can. 
Not all have access to the web or are reading this 
message board. A similar call for participation will
soon appear in the BNL. 

Kind regards, 

Wolfgang Schickler 
KCC Genus Coordinator Diapteron

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