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blackworms / digital camera

Sorry Guys:

I'm kike trying out this agar agar stuff for collecting my  
worms. I shut down early both Sat and Sun. To be honest  
Sat so I can go to the dirt track outlaw races.  But winter and
Sun for collecting. I trap most fish and place in nets (large for
holding) I was gone  for a few hours and had 33 messages
when Pat called. I was also moving some tropical plants out so
I could take some photos of the sixteen footers for the worms.  
Plants love the humidity and they are like blackberries in there.
Blackberries in Oregon are far worse that Kudzu in the south.  
They are more like mosquitos in the swamps of Louisiana. I moved  
everything and should be open now. It is late back east and I am
surprised at the number of you guys up late. It's almost dark here.  
I'll have everyone answered by mornig your time. I carry my phone
and got Pats call. I appologize for the hassle. Once you see the
setup, you'll see how junky and dorky it really is. I haven't changed  
it in 30 years and it shows it. Looking at it is almost as bad as
seeing myself in a mirror,a real wake up and shake it call. Pat
will see I get it done; he'll bug me like a persistent housefly.

Hope you all had a great week-end;

Roger Fishyman 1957Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

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