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Re: Debruyn style Wet/Dry Filtration Spam

From: "William Ruyle" <forest at copper_net>

> Wright, you are seldom wrong but de Bruyn's filter was
> featured in one of last year's JAKA's, around summertime...

You ever notice Wright that the newer AKA members not only read the new
JAKAs cover to cover within minutes of arrival, but have them memorized
within two hours and can quote them verse, chapter and book to the old
geezers - er veterans.

I remember (just barely) when new to the hobby and AKA calling home from
work at break time. That in itself was not unusual - just married a couple
of years. But about 8 work days into the month the JAKA-KN with the F&E
listing showed up all at once (less material except for the F&E listing, one
handy volume). It turned out I was not the only killinut calling their
spouse and asking about the killie literature rather than engaging in small
talk. There were several complainants locally.

My bride got even one day by answering the phone and mentioning that yes the
journal arrived and they had a cute article on whiteworms which must be kept
cold. She then summarized the collecting article included therein and
finished up by noting that the Aphyosemion what-ever-the-hecki I had been so
hot to purchase as being listed not only by Art Titus but also by Lou Hersh
and Ed Warner.

Next month I just pursued the sweet nothings.

All the best!


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