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Re: musings on water changes: pH change and Osmotic stress

David Lains wrote:
 > Hi Wright
 > Were did Scheel write about this stuff?  I am interested in getting a
 > hold of the literature.

In his  _Atlas..._ (TFH) he discusses subjecting killies to three full
points of pH change with no visible distress. Can't cite the page as my 
copy is stored away. Sorry.

I usually don't abruptly change them by much more than about 2 points, 
but that's because some other "shock" factor may also be present. I have 
utterly ignored pH shock, as such, for many years with no bad effects 

OTOH, I'm well aware of the other chemical processes that can happen in 
pH ranges away from neutral, too. pH difference can be a pretty good 
warning to the novice to acclimate slowly.


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