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Re: Skinny Notho females

In a message dated 7/26/2002 5:23:15 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
tgenade at akad_sun.ac.za writes:

<< On 25 Jul 2002, at 18:38, ruevenm at aol_com wrote:
 > Any ideas? I have lost two females and
 > don't want to loose more. I raised the fish and they have never had
 > tank mates. They have spent all their adult life in this tank (4
 > months so far.)
 Treat with metronizadole and/or flubendazole. I suspect that the 
 females may of contracted some internal parasites from the blackworms 
 and daphnia. They may explain the bellysliders too.
I agree with Tyrone. I posted the same problem with my guentheri 6 weeks ago, 
and I lost them all. They just refused to eat any live food offered and 
eventually wasted away. When I asked Rosario LaCorte about it, he told me he 
just lost a pair  of South American killies the same way. His diagnosis was 
internal parasites from the blackworms. Try the medication and let us know 
how it works.

Al Brown
Middletown, NJ
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