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Re: blackworms

Scott Davis wrote:
 > Sounds like the same thing ecept on page one it says they are 12
 > inches long.
 > I think that guy had his microscope somehow backwards.

It was a font problem. Apparently a lot of hyphens got dropped from that
article. Two to three inches of water became 23 and 3-4 weeks became 34.
The best one was the number of segments expanding from 150-250 into
150250 segments.

I'm sure the original length was 1-2 inches.

 > There is an Australian earthworm which gets several feet long. How'd
 > you like to find one of those in a bag from the LFS?
 > Imagine what you could catch with one that size. :)

SJO raised in Canadian magnifying water?

Thanks, Scotty, for finding the article. Surprisingly, the internal
search engine at the Carolina site can't find it!


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