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Re: Skinny Notho females


the preparation that I buy is branded Chemaqua. I have not been able to 
find pure flubendazole in any catalogs of chemical suppliers, etc., but I 
can get pure fenbendazole, mebendazole and so on.

The disadvantage of using the pure drug is the difficulty for most people 
in weighing such small amounts. For a 10 gal tank you would need only 100 
mg. Another problem is solubilizing the pure drug. In the 5% powder you get 
pretty good dispersion and, I think, eventual dissolution. In the original 
papers from which I drew the information on which I based my study of 
treatment of Glugea, they used DMSO to dissolve the drugs (fenbendazole, 
mebendazole and albendazole). I don't think most people would want to mess 
with that.


At 05:23 PM 7/26/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>On 7/26/02 7:55 AM, "Barry Cooper" <bjc3 at cornell_edu> wrote:
> > Flubendazole is available from JEHMCo or the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers
> > Coop online store.
>Hey Barry, is that a brand or trademark name? I tried looking up that
>chemical and was unable to find it. I just thought I might be able to get it
>at higher concentration and at a better price? Not to take business from
>Jehmco of course.
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