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Breathing bags

Changing gears, there have been a number of posts in the past asking about 
where to buy small quantities of Kordon's breathing bags. I thought it 
might be useful to report that I called Kordon the other day and found that 
they have changes their policies. They now sell direct, and the minimum 
purchase, at least on 4"x8" bags is 100. Previously the minimum order was 
2500! You can buy the 4x8s as clear bags, without the logo imprinted, by 
the way, which I much prefer. I didn't like the fact that there was no easy 
way to label the imprinted bags. Item number for those is 50108 and they 
sell for 7 cents apiece. Kordon's phone number is 510 782 4058.

Standard disclaimer: I have no financial interest in Kordon :o)


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