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Thank You Erik and Scott:

I'm working on the agar stuff. Thanks for the website recipes Erik.
The troutworms probably were blackworms. Settling ponds are
illega here in Oregon as worms, like snails, could transfer whirling
disease to other fish downstream. Only the farm near Summer Lake,
currently with a huge wildfire, feeds into a dry salt pan lake, would
not pose a possible threat to fish downstream. Whirling disease is
very bad and can spread easily. Oregon State University used to
chlorinate, then de-chlorinate water let loose that might find its'
way to larger bodies of water. I use excess water on pants, mainly

Scotts' idea of netting or mesh may work too. I'd have to use a larger
food for that than rejected flakes.

I'll try'em both out and thanks to both of you.

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