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Re: gels

Roger Hawthorne wrote:

> I gel food together that sinks and attracts my Blackworms.
> It has been warm for the Willamette Valley (85-90f) and the
> water hits 80f and the gels melt, allowing the food to disperse.
> So I cannot collect the product. I hate to use the traditional
> method of allowing water to warm, stagnate, forcing worms to
> expel and go to the top for air. That kills off too many for my
> system. Does anyone have any ideas of how to gel feed for
> water over 80f? That attracts the worms, I shake them off in
> clean water, and throw the gelled food back for more later.
> I'm letting hobbyists down during this warm weather.

Have you ever tried using a fine net to contain the food?  I don't recall how fine the netting
is for 'egg seines' used for fishing.  But, my vague recollection is it is pretty fine and


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