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re: the great water change and equilibrium debate

There was another question recently about standardizing the TDS 
meter. Although these meters don't drift, they don't measure 
dissolved solids, they measure conductivity.

If one feeds BBS on a regular basis to a tank and not to others, the 
others will not rise in meter measurement as fast as the BBS one. 
Likewise, the use of peat, while adding ammonia and lots of Humic, 
tannic, and folic acid to water does not increase the meter reading 
in the same way as salt. The measurements of the water so treated 
could be used as bench marks, and the amount of peat, or salts 
relative to the readings have to be taken into consideration.

If you were to keep good records as to how the measures with change, 
it might make some sense to follow the TDS meter reading with the 
above in mind. But, they are all relative to your conditions, 
starting water and how you feed.

Charles H

>Here's a question (Wright?) .... can we use change in TDS as a proxy 
>for accumulated poop units and water quality ?  (And extremists 
>could empiricaly manage their water quality with SPC control charts 
>on TDS ???)
>Inquiring Minds Want to Know.
>Doug Dame, SKS  Interlachen FL

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