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Musing on water change

I'm glad I'm not a mathematician. Possibly not even a speller.

Our municipal water is very soft. Our well water is carbonic.
Wouldn't the water you add have a lot to do with how often
a change is required? Certainly some reidues left over are
less detrimental than others. Anyone have info on that?  

The Killies I saw ( certainly could actually be fundulus or a
similar fish ) in Cuba seemed to prefer the very end of a
body of water, opposite the inlet. Even when I set up my  
camcorder and left, they spent most of their time in the mulm.  
Maybe for instant hiding. Yet if I approached, they sped off
in a different direction. Few dropped down into the mulm to
hide. Maybe that is where they spawn? I should have asked  
Barry. These guys were not afraid of the saltier areas either.

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