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Re: Water Changes

For what it is worth, I remember reading a scientific study that was 
comparing different methods of raising a particular salt water fish. 
The fish were kept at extremely high densities.  What I found 
surprising was that the fish did less well when their water was 
continually changed with fresh seawater (it was located by the ocean) 
at a high rate as compared to when some old tank water was mixed into 
this incoming water stream.  This supports Barry's comment that there 
are also good things in the water as well.

I myself have a well and run my tanks two different ways.  Some are 
on an automatic hard water change system where I aim for about a 10% 
daily water change and every 3 - 5 months a 90% water change with 
vacuuming and rinsing of sponge filters.  Others are in softer 
"prepared" water which I currently do not have hooked up to an 
automatic water change system.  On these tanks, I aim for monthly 90% 
water changes with vacuuming and rinsing of sponge filters.

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