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Re: Way off topic, Microsoft keyboard.

If it's the one that I'm thinking of, we (faculty at U. of N. Florida) have a couple in the faculty computer lab.  It won't screw up any programs on your computer if you install it. Keyboards aren't like software downloads that really can mess up your programs.  But I don't like the "new" one as much as I do the one that I have already been using and certainly wouldn't switch to it.  It's structured differently and takes some getting used to; but I can't see that it's any better than the previous ones.
Carole DeMort in Jax 

Carole Lyle DeMort

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>Hi - I realize that this has little, if anything to do with killifish, but most of you know a great deal more about computers that I do, so if you will indulge me, I have a question about Microsoft's new keyboard. I was sent one of these new (?) Microsoft Office Keyboards from Microsoft. For free, I think. Apparently I got it as a consolation prize for attending their seminar called Microsoft's Big Day. If anyone has an opportunity to attend one of these seminars, don't. It's a free seminar, but it's a rip-off. If anyone would like an explanation for this comment, contact me off list and I will explain. 

> Now then, my question is has anyone used one of these things and will installing it screw up my machine the way that downloading some of Microsoft's upgrades did? That little disaster has been driving me nuts. My son-in-law spent about half of this past weekend working on this machine to get it straightened out and it still isn't completely back to normal. 

> My apologies to anyone that is annoyed that I would ask this question on the killifish list, but I just couldn't think of a better group to ask. 

>Regards, Dan Nielsen 



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