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Re: More musing on water change.

There is something to be said for 25% water changes in that the waste content eventually fluctuates between three weeks' and four weeks' worth of waste. If you do a monthly 100% water change the waste fluctuates between none and four weeks' worth. The fish may adapt better to a steadier state than to a cleaner one. To make a comparison, I used to have a job installing dishwashers. I was not just the regular installer I was the one called when the regular installer ran running and screaming from the job site. Usually this was because the job required plumbing, electrical, and/or cabinetry skills not part of the normal installation. Sometimes it was because of cats. When I installed a dishwasher in that situation, I took every possible tool in with me on the first trip because I did not want to go back out to the truck and then have to re-acclimate coming back into the house. In spite of that possible scenario, I have fish that predictably start spawning two hours after a near total water change.
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