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Re: fungus on eggs

Allen Boatman wrote:
> I find this statment interesting, Wright.  When I used to use the Warner
> solution, the only eggs that really stained badly were the non-viable
> eggs.  The viable eggs resisted staining by the methlyne blue in the mix. 
> (I will say I used a week solution according to directions in the book, so
> it didn't look like peter's plant food or anything.) That was usually how
> I knew that those eggs were bad and to pull them as they didn't fungus in
> that concoction.  I usually left the eggs in the solution until the eggs
> eyed up and then I started the water changes with aged tank water from the
> parents tank.

Lots of roads lead to Rome. :-)

I agree that dead eggs seem to take dye much quicker. Excess color in 
otherwise viable eggs sometimes results in their developing but not 
being able to hatch. I guessed that it was a too-tough chorion from the 
dye that caused it.

I dilute the dye (in the very rare times I use it) early, to both reduce 
hardening and to allow development of infusoria. For that reason I slow 
or stop water changes near hatch time, too. You were introducing the 
useful flora with the aged tank water, while I was getting it from a 
sprig of Java moss, right after diluting the dye. Same end result by 
different routes. Both methods give low bacteria and extra-small food 

> The reason all this is past tense is that almost all of my tanks, save the
> annuals, are natural tank setups and I don't need to pick eggs and hatch
> them due to the fact they do it all themselves.  True I don't get the
> volume of killies that I'd like with my non-annuals, but right now with
> the new baby and all I don't ahve the time to devote to picking, storing,
> and hatching the non-annual eggs.
> Boat
> Wright Wrote: 
> Many dyes and formaldehyde work in very similar ways. They are "tanning" 
> agents that are able to cross-link adjacent proteins and make them 
> tougher. That can kill bacteria, but don't overdo it to the point of 
> staining the eggs much or you may make their chorion too tough to hatch 
> easily, when the time comes.


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