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more musing from water changes

I will probably create some laughs here.  
But I am not the averge guy I guess.  

In tanks without established underground filters I do
actually flush the old out with the new. In fact the tanks
are tilted forward making this easy. Slow airstones are also in the
front where they do collect waste under each. But I am very  
careful not to use over a third new water from the tap. It often
forms little bubbles that can injure fish akin to a diver getting the
bends. It is called nitrogenosis when affecting fish below a large
dam. Fry may have short gill covers (particularly angels). Damage
may take weeks to show. So I do have water with airstone at the
highest level for auto drain below. I use well water and it does take
about an hour to liberate those gasses.

I also care for five six foot aquariums at a fine local eating establishment
adjacent to Interstate #5 called the Yaquina Bay. These tanks were hard
to care for. The lights go on at 5 am and off about 12 midnight. I used to
change a third of the water in each every week, and another third in the
one with the big Oscars.  

Over a year ago I started using a 'new' bacteria. It is far from perfect. But
the way I learn is by trying. Considering all the over-feeding and light from
outside, they look real nice. They are room dividers and you can see folk
in the adjacent rooms through the tanks. Of course they do have UG filters.

I should mention that for over two years I have not removed a single drop  
of water from any of them. They are reasonable crowded. Maybe overcrowded
by some standards. And the fish grow like crazy. There are alas no live plants.
Except for some fish getting old, like six year old plus tetras, and some  
bickering amongst some of the inhabitants there has been no loss or disease.
And all the different fishes look fine. There are no Killies but just about
everything else. I do use magnet algae scrapers weekly followed by HOT 250
Marineland filters with the good 'micron' insert. After an hour or so, I am gone
for a week.Some of your members live in this area and may well be
familiar with these tanks. I do plan on vacuuming some of these soon and  
studying the mulm from the bottom. There will be residue.

So yes I do completly flush some tanks, and others I set up properly and
virtually leave alone.  

Roger 'Fishyman' HawthorneGet more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download : http://explorer.msn.com

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