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RE: fungus on eggs

I find this statment interesting, Wright.  When I used to use the Warner
solution, the only eggs that really stained badly were the non-viable
eggs.  The viable eggs resisted staining by the methlyne blue in the mix. 
(I will say I used a week solution according to directions in the book, so
it didn't look like peter's plant food or anything.) That was usually how
I knew that those eggs were bad and to pull them as they didn't fungus in
that concoction.  I usually left the eggs in the solution until the eggs
eyed up and then I started the water changes with aged tank water from the
parents tank.

The reason all this is past tense is that almost all of my tanks, save the
annuals, are natural tank setups and I don't need to pick eggs and hatch
them due to the fact they do it all themselves.  True I don't get the
volume of killies that I'd like with my non-annuals, but right now with
the new baby and all I don't ahve the time to devote to picking, storing,
and hatching the non-annual eggs.


Wright Wrote: 

Many dyes and formaldehyde work in very similar ways. They are "tanning" 
agents that are able to cross-link adjacent proteins and make them 
tougher. That can kill bacteria, but don't overdo it to the point of 
staining the eggs much or you may make their chorion too tough to hatch 
easily, when the time comes.

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