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Re: More musing on water change.

Only having  three months of experience with my flow-through fry
system has really convinced me that what Charles and Ed have said
about water changes is certainly true when one looks at growth of fry.
I have 12 - 1.5 gallon shoe boxes and 6 - 2.5 gallon Sterilite
"show-off" boxes on a 30 gallon sump that has a foam filter in it and
the return from the tanks is sprayed over lava rock. I  dump almost
all of the sump weekly and refresh it with aged water and that's
probably a little less than a 50% water change for the whole system.
Each tank has java moss and the growth rate of the fry is amazing
compared to the old way of weekly partial water changes. I'm sure that
the oxygen levels are up over what the old film canister filters  were
able to add. There's still mulm in each tank and the sump, but I'm
sure the nitrates are considerably reduced by the "de Bruyn" effect of
the lava rock media. I'm too pleased with the results to do a
comparison with the old way. My judgment is purely subjective.

Now, if I could just retire and convert the rest of the glass tanks in
the fishroom to a flow through system..............

Tom Payne
Galena, Ohio

"Spell checker ON"

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