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Bettas (was Re: More musing on water change.)

cantbackup at aol_com wrote:
> wright,
> i have some of the nicest bettas
> i would like to breed them as soon as the female is ready
> could you please put on line some of the better betta breeding books
> i know im not the only one who can use the info
> many thanks
> turtle

I hate to bug out, Turtle, but I have been out of it too long and there 
are probably good new books I have never seen (like Bob G.'s new one). 
Most of what I learned was from the experts around CA and not from 
books. Try to find a local club with some breeders willing to help.

Unlike killifish breeders, Betta folk are sometimes very uncooperative, 
but I was lucky to find several excellent mentors like Amit Pandya and 
Gilbert Limhengco. Hope you can too.


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