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Re: Petri dishes

Wright Huntley wrote:
> John,
> by way of Barry Cooper wrote:
>> Hello again,
>> Sorry about all the questions, but everyone has been so helpful.   Many =
>> thanks.
>> I heard a discussion about Petri dishes and how eggs really need air to =
>> remain healthy.      Is it "best practice" to use a standard petri dish =
>> and leave it uncovered, or is there a special type of dish you use.
> Plastic Petri dishes are usually about US$0.25 each and have a lid that 
> overlaps the base, but is held off by several small bumps so air flows 
> feeely into the interior. They keep junk out put allow aerobic processes 
> to go at full bore. That's normal design for a real Petri dish.
> The ones I like are about 300 mm in diameter and 15 or 20 high.

Whoops! Big typo, there. I meant 100mm diameter. About 4" anyway.


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