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Re: Petri dishes


by way of Barry Cooper wrote:
> Hello again,
> Sorry about all the questions, but everyone has been so helpful.   Many =
> thanks.
> I heard a discussion about Petri dishes and how eggs really need air to =
> remain healthy.      Is it "best practice" to use a standard petri dish =
> and leave it uncovered, or is there a special type of dish you use.

Plastic Petri dishes are usually about US$0.25 each and have a lid that 
overlaps the base, but is held off by several small bumps so air flows 
feeely into the interior. They keep junk out put allow aerobic processes 
to go at full bore. That's normal design for a real Petri dish.

The ones I like are about 300 mm in diameter and 15 or 20 high.

>    I =
> have tupperware spread all over, creating a mess. =20

The lids seal too tight on those, so you must leave loose or remove 
several times a day.

> I like the idea of being able to stack the fish eggs and monitor their =
> progress.

Petri dishes do that very well. Check E-bay for the dishes, if you don't 
have a nearby scientific supply house. Here in the SF Bay Area, I have 
used Lab Pro in Sunnyvale for such items. BAKA has a huge supply so we 
can get them at the monthly meetings (if someone remembers to bring them).


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