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We have been using Hyacinths for decades to clean water.  
They are used in places such as Disneyworld to keep algae
down. Check the roots. They actually hold a lot  of the
nitro products and are great in flower beds. I will be  
laughed at but personally feel they are far better than an
anerobic system. Grasses require a lot of nitrogen to grow
and remain green. Thus the first part of a fertilizer for a  
lawn may be 18-0-0. Hornwort (Ceterophylum..sic) does
much the same in a tank. Remove the oldest lighter parts
and nitrate is low. Just as Disneyworld removes Hyacinths
once they contain too much nitros. My saltwater tanks
never have problems with ammonia or nitros because they
or another tank in the system has growing plants.
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